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Ancient History of Manchuria : Redefining the past

Since implementing their trade and economic reforms in 1979, China has been rising as a global superpower. Some economic forecasters even predict that this great nation will soon surpass the United States as the largest economy in the world. In light of its dominant role in the global arena, Lee Mosol, MD, MPH acknowledges the importance of understanding China’s past. In Ancient History of the Manchuria, he examines the history of the Middle Kingdom, particularly Manchuria, in unprecedented depth. The.....

Ancient History of Korea : Mystery Unveiled

Ancient History of Korea: Mystery Unveiled is a sister copy of the Ancient History of Manchuria under the same premises as the ancient scriptures of Korean history had been destroyed by the invaders. With this premise, Mosol starts to explore many issues after the Han invasion to Manchuria. He tackles lots of disputed issues that had been under the thick fog, analyzing them in depth. Many issues relating with ancient Korean history are discussed. He proposes many new theories. The.....

Ancient History of Northeast Asia Redefined: 東北亞 古代史 新論

Ancient History of Korea : Mystery Unveiled


Ancient History of Korea: Mystery Unveiled. Second Edition

Ancient History of Korea: Mystery Unveiled. Second Edition is a thesis that Dr. Lee presents to the worldly scholars in every sectors.

Though Chinese history has that the legendary Gija (箕子) went to Joseon at the end of Shang dynasty(商朝; c. 1046 BC) and came back to the west Zhou within few years, no one has yet confirmed the birth place of Joseon. Korean had used the standard method of studying history, but couldn’t find it. He convinced that Chinese concealed the facts and spread out false information. Korean used a wrong method to find facts concealed by the criminals. He applied a new methodology with a series of syllogism and found out the root. The founding father of the Ancient Korea conducted the epic flood. The mops killed him and declared the Xia dynasty in the birth place of the Yellow River Civilization. They buried Old Korean History.

He presents a new method to study history written under ideographs and defined that History as THE MOTHER OF ALL SCIENCES AND LIBERAL ARTS. He went one step further and emphasizes that not the written records alone, but the Reasoning is the essential element in the forensic science and to study the NEA history.

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Ancient History of Korea : Mystery Unveiled

We Need Another Voice — Taoism to Zen Buddhism

This Book is A Lone Voice from the Desert to the academia and general public.

Since retired from the medical school faculty to study ancient history and presented a new theory, the author faced multiple dilemmas. This book tackles both fronts by providing many references, analyzing many logograms, and maps. The author analyzed the ancient texts written logograms and confirmed that the ancient Korean language was the mother tongue of Buddha. It became the official Buddhist text and root of Pali language

Ancient Korean faith is the seed of Taoism and Primitive Buddhism. Buddhist monks searched their roots and arrived at the Gojoseon capital Geummidal(今彌達). They depicted the Dangun who became the mountain god as to Mireuk, replaced the symbol of noble bird crane, Mi(彌) to goose (鴈;yan) and named the strategic pass as Yanmen Pass (雁門關) during the warring States Period. The native faith traveled a long journey and came back to the birthplace as the Mireuk Bul(彌勒佛). Buddhist claim the king at the Yanmen Pass (鴈王) as metaphor of Buddha.

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